At first, we hadn’t even thought about having somebody film our special day. But when the suggestion arose about hiring a wedding videographer, we thought, well why not!

Initially, you may think, that’s just another expense though, but it really is worth every penny. Obviously, most people choose to have just a photographer, but I think having our wedding filmed was one of the best decisions we made. After the day is over (and trust me it goes so quick) there’s not a lot to remember it by; other than the memories in your head and the photos in your album. By having a wedding film to watch back, it adds another dimension, it allows you re-live the day and feel the emotions all over again, feel the atmosphere and see how much your guests were enjoying themselves. You don’t get that from photos!

Irene and Sammy were recommended by our photographer, plus we knew family and friends that had also used them for their weddings, so it was kind of a no-brainer really to ask them to be our videographers. They are quite literally the nicest people. They are both so helpful, even gave us wedding planning tips when we had our first meeting. We’d definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering a videographer, for any occasion.



Working with Irene has been nothing but amazing right from the start. At one point we weren’t sure if we were going to have a videographer, but that quickly changed after seeing Irene’s amazing films.

At our first meeting, Irene explained how the day would work and how she would achieve the best shots. We’re both so glad we trusted her expert opinion because every video she produced has been beautiful and is such a lovely reminder of our day. Having film is a brilliant memento and takes you right back to the emotion of the day, as well as showing us lots of moments we had totally forgotten about or didn’t get to see on the day.

Everyone at the wedding commented on how nice our videographer was and had nothing but praise for her. Neither of us is used to being on camera, but with Irene it was so comfortable that you almost forgot she was there! It’s important to find someone who you’re happy sharing your special day with as they’ll be filming your most emotional moments, and having Irene around was like enjoying the day with another of our friends.

Thank you, Irene!



In our early stages of wedding planning, we hadn’t even considered asking someone to film our wedding and instead focussed on finding a great photographer, a fun band and reliable catering team.  It came about by complete chance that we found Irene, through a mutual friend on Facebook ‘liking’ one of her wedding teaser trailers. After clicking onto Irene’s website and watching a few of her trailers myself, my mind had been changed. We instantly saw that her films were beautifully shot, utterly captivating and encompassed every emotion and detail of the day. We knew from that point that we needed to amend our wedding budget and ask Irene to join us on our special day. From the moment we first made contact with Irene, we found she was charming and really flexible at fitting around our schedules.

On the wedding day itself, Irene was discrete and professional and worked incredibly well alongside our photographer.  We first watched our teaser trailer on our honeymoon and it was incredibly special to see the highlights of our day in a few short minutes.  When the full DVD arrived around 6 weeks later we could barely contain our excitement.

Words cannot express how delighted we were with our film and it was all set to the most beautiful soundtrack including some of our favourite songs. Irene had captured the tears, laughter, tiny details, our stolen glances and above all, the fun of the day.  We are so happy we stretched our budget to have a film made of our day and it was one of the best decisions we made.  We absolutely love it and it will be something we cherish forever.  Irene, without doubt, is a lady with exceptional talent in film-making, don’t hesitate, book her at once!



Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!

If you are hesitating about having a wedding video, don’t! We absolutely love it, and the teaser trailer is just awesome – such an amazing memento of the day. We have lost track of the number of times we have watched them! Friends and family still mention our teaser trailer to us and say how incredible it was. It captured all the smiles and laughter of the day but in keeping with those special heart warming moments.  The music was just perfect and brought it all together so beautifully. Thank you, Irene, you were so great to work with and sorry but we even forgot you were there filming us on the day! We are so pleased that we decided to have a wedding video and we would thoroughly recommend you! Thanks again!



For us a wedding film was always going to be important, we knew that the day would go in a flash and we really wanted to invest in our memories and have something to show our grandchildren one day! Now that the wedding is over we are so happy that we had this mindset, the film just brings back so many memories, looks, hugs, smiles and happy tears that we’d completely forgotten about or had never seen on the day. 

Our main problem was finding someone whose work we loved, so after months of searching and watching hundreds of wedding teasers we were over the moon when our photographer recommended Irene and we watched some of her work. We instantly fell in love with her style, from the music choices to the moments captured – it was perfect for us. When we ‘met’ Irene over skype we knew she would be perfect for our day and she was!!

 From coming to London to meet us and talk through the wedding, to having a detailed plan for the day, we knew we were in safe hands with Irene. On the day Irene blended in with the guests and worked amazingly with our photographers. I was sad when she was leaving as it felt like having a friend with us on the day. We received our teaser video whilst still on our honeymoon and watched it with happy tears and a glass of champagne. It immediately brought back all of the emotion of the day and took us back into the moment. It’s also been incredible to share our full film with people who sadly couldn’t be there on the day as it’s made them feel part of things. All of our friends and family have commented on how beautiful the film is and how representative of our day.

We couldn’t recommend Irene highly enough, she exceeded our expectations at every stage of the way. I only wish we had another excuse to work with her again! Thank you Irene!



I was always certain that I wanted our wedding filmed but Kate took a lot of convincing. She wasn’t convinced that it was worth the expense, or that we would even ever watch it after the wedding hype had faded away. But I knew that not having our wedding on film would be something that we would both regret in years to come and once I’d shown her some of the beautiful (non-cheesy) wedding films out there, she got on board.

Yes, the wedding video won’t be up on our wall like some of our favourite photos from the day. But when we really want to remember what our day was truly like, and how it actually felt like to be there, then there is nothing that can replace our video.

We booked Irene and Sammy based on the recommendation of our photographer and having watched some of their work. When we met with them to discuss our plans for the big day, we both knew we had made the perfect decision. They were both so excited to hear about our plans, and they genuinely seemed to care about making the best possible video they can and they exceeded our expectations on that front.

The film is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone who has seen it can’t stop telling us how much they love it, and it just captures the fun of the day perfectly.

If you aren’t conviced that getting Irene and Sammy to film your wedding day is the right decision, then just go and watch all their gorgeous teaser trailers and be prepared to have your mind changed. You won’t regret it.



Booking a videographer wasn’t top of our list when we started to arrange our wedding but after my sisters wedding last year, it was something my mum said she wanted us to have as she wished my sister had booked one. Instead the only video footage from their wedding is from a relative filming bits here and there.

As the months rolled by and we started to tick everything on our ‘to book’ list off…I started to Google videographer’s in West Sussex. After spending weeks getting enquires and watching sample videos I still hadn’t seen an example of something we would be happy and comfortable with on our big day. I had almost given up hope until I was handed a little magazine at a wedding fayre. When flicking through it on my way to work I noticed an advert for Irene and went straight on her website. I got goosebumps from watching the first video I clicked on. I knew straight away I had found exactly what we were looking for in a videographer!

Irene is such a lovely person both inside and out, from the moment you first meet her. On our wedding day Irene fitted in with the wedding party as if she was one of us, no one felt uncomfortable and everyone could be themselves which is exactly what we wanted! The whole package you receive from Irene is simply amazing! Since receiving our film last week I have watched it almost everyday!

Booking Irene was by far the best decision we made regarding our wedding. Everyone says photos are lovely to look back on your wedding day but watching what Irene puts together just brings it all back to life and you get to see things you forgot or didn’t notice on the day as it goes so quickly!! Little things you don’t get by looking at pictures! Everyone who has seen our wedding film so far has got emotional watching it. We can’t thank you enough Irene you are amazingly talented and we will cherish our film forever!



I simply cannot put into words how happy we are to have booked you as the videographer for our wedding. I can’t believe we even considered not having one. I cried from about 5 seconds in and didn’t stop (and have had much the same reaction each time I have watched it since!). It took us back to the day, the fun, the excitement and rollercoaster of emotions in an instant and I am so happy we have this film to relive those moments for the rest of our lives.  Such amazing memories.

The footage is gorgeous and I have watched it so many times already and shared with our family and friends who have all loved it too. I can’t recommend you enough to any bride and groom to be – from the first time I met you, to receiving the cutest little parcel in the post, you have been fantastic. The footage is brilliant and I can’t believe you caught so much on film – you made everyone feel at ease and I don’t think people even realised there was a videographer there which added to how wonderful and relaxed the film is!

My advice to anyone getting married is to book Irene and you won’t be disappointed – the day is over in a flash and to have something to look back on is wonderful. It was our best decision and the DVD is my most prized possession.

You’re an absolute superstar. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million zillion times xxx



I came across Irene whilst searching online for the perfect videographer to capture our wedding and I’m so so glad I came across her, as she was great! From start to finish Irene was brilliant. Herself and Sammy (who was the second videographer and also Irene’s partner) met me and my now-husband a few months ahead of the wedding to chat through what we wanted and were on hand to answer any questions we had throughout the lead-up to the big day.

On the day itself, Irene and Sammy were very professional and knew exactly what they wanted, working with our photographers to capture what they needed whilst at the same time being very considerate to the day as a whole and all the other things that were going on. They were great interacting with our friends and family, capturing those special moments which me and Leon might never have seen if it wasn’t for them.

All of our loved ones thought they were great too, as they were very friendly! Irene’s creativity really shone through when we received the edits back and we were so happy with the style that the video took, along with music Irene used. We were really impressed with how quick the turnaround was too. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better person to capture our special day. Thank you Irene x



We cannot thank Irene enough for our wonderful wedding video. Since her beautiful package arrived in the post we have gotten so much joy from watching it and sharing it with others and are so happy that we have the opportunity to re-live the day over and over. There is something very special about having your wedding captured on video. The tone of voice in a speech, the laughter of the guests, the cheering of friends as we entered the reception, the clinking of glasses in a toast. The day goes so quickly at the time, and having the opportunity to again enjoy the moments that flew by is truly priceless.

Irene has done the most incredible job of capturing our day. Everyone that has seen the film has said that it is “just like you’re back there”, and for those that couldn’t be there on the day it allows them to share a bit of the experience and happiness. On the day itself Irene and her wonderful co-videographer Sam were friendly, discreet and reassuring, and we were overwhelmed by the joy that they captured for us, allowing us a sneak peek at parts of the day that we would have otherwise missed ourselves.

We cannot recommend Irene Piera Films enough. Thank you so much!



We initially were not going to get a videographer, as I have never been impressed with wedding videos and did not think it was worth the money.  However, I was introduced to Irene and I loved her teaser trailers on the website.  They were beautiful in both filming and editing. I loved that she was able to capture the entire day in a few minutes, with it being personal and fun without being cheesy.

On meeting Irene, I instantly warmed to her and her partner, Sammy, and they immediately understood what type of couple Rob and I were and what we wanted.  Our day was designed as one big fun party, and we wanted that to come across in the video.  When the video came, it was better than I had expected – they had captured every fun moment, every little ordinary act which summed up wonderfully the particular person caught on camera.

Irene is very much in tune with what people want, so your wedding video is not a lengthy boring repeat of the day, it is very creatively edited to reflect the personalities of the couple.  Separately, you get the ceremony and the speeches in full, should you wish to watch those again.  I’ve already watched the video 3 or 4 times and love it every time.


We weren’t planning on getting a wedding video because it just seemed like such a lot of money but when our families helped us out more than expected we decided to go for it and it was worth every penny. Irene was a pleasure to deal with from our first phone call until the moment our video arrived in its gorgeous packaging complete with chocolates that we ate as we watched it for the first time. She was totally unintrusive on the day and lots of people have been surprised when we told them we had a video as they didn’t even notice her filming.

It is so lovely to have the memento of such a special day and it captured things that photos just don’t pick up on. My favourite part is actually the teaser trailer as I don’t often have time to sit and watch the whole thing. I would highly recommend Irene and can’t thank her enough for making such a lovely film for us.