When I was 18 I decided to leave my hometown of Barcelona to study film and, having always been a self-confessed Beatles lover slightly obsessed with the English language, the UK was always the only choice. I arrived with two suitcases (I’m not sure anyone who has seen our house will believe that!) and with my brother, who basically held my hand through my whole first week of uni before heading home. So I get it, changes are scary. But they can also be the source of the best things that happen in life. As someone who lives away from their family, I completely understand how special a wedding day is. They bring all the people you love together and the memories that you create on your wedding are completely unique to any other day in your life.

What else makes me, me? Aside from filming, I love fashion and travelling. I’m also a huge foodie and I’m not ashamed of it. Food makes me very happy and meal-planning makes the little organiser in me jump with joy. My mum’s Catalan soup is my favourite dish and I regularly ask her to make some when I come home. I can’t say I’m great at it but I adore dancing and I’m a sucker for good coffee. My favourite film genres are Drama and Romance and much to my partner Sammy’s dismay, I love a Rom-Com. I’m a passionate and creative person so there are always millions of ideas floating around in my head – especially at night (why does that always happen?!). I also warn you now, I’m a crier (not like a crazy full-on kind of crier, don’t worry) but the chances of me wiping a tear or two off my face on your wedding day are high. My partner Sammy and I bought our first house together last year and, after a very inspiring trip to Copenhagen two years ago, we have turned it into a little Scandi home which we love.


My earliest memory of feeling captivated by a film was when my parents took my sister and me to see ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ for the first time. That movie literally opened my eyes to the sheer scale of storytelling and how my younger self’s imagination can literally be captured. From that moment on and almost sixteen years later, films and filmmaking are something that has defined me. Whether it’s shooting weddings or freelance jobs, going to experience a new movie in the cinema or spending hours sliding down the ‘YouTube’ rabbit hole – film is so diverse and my love for it drove me to study Film Production at University.

I love the creativity of filmmaking but also the technical side of videography, and this is where my passion for it ignited. I love that certain lenses achieve specific looks, I love how light plays into how a shot can create a mood or tell a story. Every wedding is completely unique and as you’d expect, everything we shoot is a reflection of that one, very individual day. Shooting with Irene is awesome. She is my best friend and my partner in life and I feel very lucky to be able to share and capture these experiences with her. I love the opportunity to really capture moments, encapsulating them on film forever and creating stories that reflect the beauty of every individual wedding that we shoot. It is such a privilege to shoot weddings and be invited into each couple’s special day, experiencing and capturing a snapshot of one of the happiest days of their lives – It’s something that I don’t take for granted or lightly. Through shooting weddings, we get the opportunity to meet lots of new people, from all walks of life, that we would never have met otherwise and often these people become friends.