W h a t   d o   f i l m s   m e a n   t o   m e ?

I grew up with a camera in hand and I know it’s all because of my mum. At home, we have albums and albums full of beautiful pictures that she took when we were younger, and I tell you, she SO could have been a photographer. When I go back to Barcelona I love sitting on the floor and looking through all of the photographs. They make me realise how important memories are. Seeing how young my parents looked when they got married, remembering little happy moments between me and my brother and reading all of the footnotes my mum wrote to explain where and when the photo was taken (a lot of these still make me laugh out loud.) So I spent most of my teenage years being the ever annoying friend with a camera, watching Tim Burton & Woody Allen films and developing a peculiar (I like to think unique) taste in music. All of these elements: the memories, the moving images and the soundtracks made me want to study Film Production at University. Fast forward to a few years later and here we are.

Filming the union between two people who love each other is not just special, it’s goosebump-inducing. I want you to watch back your film and feel all warm and cosy inside knowing that THAT day was one of the best days of your life. Moving images bring moments to life and they can really simply encapsulate an emotion that tells a one-of-a-kind story. Hearing your parents get all choked up before you walk up the aisle, watching your other half’s face just before they say their vows or seeing your friends throw confetti like their life depends on it will be the greatest reminder that you are loved. And didn’t The Beatles say love is all you need? Well, that’s what I want to deliver – a love story. I believe your film will be something you will treasure forever and I hope that one day you might find yourself sat down on the floor watching it back, with the biggest smile on your face, sharing it with the ones you love the most.

My mum walking down the aisle with my ‘Avi Jordi’.

My brother Dani giving our ‘Iaia Juanita’ a smooch.

My ‘Padrinet’ telling me to look at the camera when I clearly just wanted to eat my ice-cream.

My parents going for the ‘moody look’ on honeymoon.

My grandparents dancing and looking super stylish.