Why choose film?

A wedding videographer might not be on the top of your wedding list but hear me out and I promise you’ll see wedding films from a completely different perspective.

Weddings nowadays involve amazing DIY, beautiful details, incredible locations and just awesomeness in general. All the effort, emotion and thought that goes into them is mind-blowing. On the day, there will be lots happening so I aim to capture the bits that you missed plus the ones that you were there for (which might be a bit of a blur because of nerves and excitement!).  Being able to hear your mum’s laugh, see your dad’s nervous but proud expression as he walks you down the aisle or  listen to your own voices trembling while you say your vows will be something you treasure forever. For me, that’s the magic of moving images in a nutshell – being able to relive the moments that might be forgotten in ten or twenty years time.

My work brings a modern cinematic approach to wedding videos by combining the perfect soundtrack and pictures to create a piece that will allow you to remember those beautiful memories and the details that matter the most. If I’ve managed to convince you (even if only a tiny bit!) please check out the information on my wedding packages.