Ways to Define Your Eyes with Makeup

Even though you might believe that applying eye shadow is not an arduous task, did you realize that tailoring your ways to define your eyes with makeup can make a huge difference? Just like wearing pants tailored to your physical appearance can give you a more attractive appearance, matching your eye makeover to your eye features can do the same. Of course, you could use the most prevalent eye makeup and eyeliner combinations, but if you apply eye makeup for your eye shape, it can make them flare as never before.

Makeup Tips to Define Eyes Based On Eye Shape

eye shadowWhen you try a new eye makeup look, you’ll have to figure out which eye shape you possess. For example, if you have almond-shaped eyes, you should apply makeup differently from downturned eyes. So, makeup starts with determining the eye category and singling out your option basing on that shape category.

  • Makeup Tips For Rounded Eyes: The best way to achieve a gorgeous, pronounced ultimate result is to reshape your eyes. All you should do is paint a moderate to darker base to the center of your lid, then use a lighter shade to accent the inside and outside corners. It will put focus on the center of your eye, giving you a beautiful appearance.
  • eye shapeMakeup Tips For Almond Shaped Eyes: Because almond eyes are so proportional, instead of concentrating on creating a unique form with the eye makeup, simply utilize it to highlight your original eye shape! On your eyelids, use a moderate shade from the shadow palette and lighter shades on the insides. Apply mascara once you’ve finished with the eye shadow.
  • Makeup Tips For Monolid Eye Shape: Apply nude shades on the lid. The second thing you need to do is to create a fake crease by applying light shades from inner corners to darker shades from outer corners that ultimately meet at the eyelid where you want your crease. Finally, finish the look with mascara.